Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

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In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, Fawn the fairy is fascinated by dangerous animals. She loves to take care of them despite what the other residents of Pixie Hollow say. One day Fawn discovers Gruff the NeverBeast building towers out of rocks. Gruff and Fawn slowly become good friends. But when Nyx (the fairy protector of Pixie Hollow) discovers Gruff, Nyx decides that he is a danger to their town and he must be captured. Fawn asks her fairy friends for help to convince the town that Gruff isn't dangerous. And when a thunderstorm threatens Pixie Hollow, Gruff reveals his true nature.


Natural disasters; cruelty to animals


Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast has some violence:

  • The scout fairies have bows, arrows, swords and other weapons, which they use to attack the hawks and capture Gruff.
  • The hawks fly into Pixie Hollow to attack and eat the fairies. The fairies capture a baby hawk in a net.
  • The scout fairies chase after Gruff and shoot nightshade dust into his eyes. This makes him temporarily blind.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5
In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. For example:

  • The movie begins with the sky turning green and a scary comet falling from the sky. The NeverBeast wakes up in a dark and eerie cave.
  • The hawks fly in and attack Pixie Hollow. The fairies are scared and run for their lives. A hawk almost eats Tinker Bell.
  • After hearing a loud roar, Fawn goes to explore in the scary part of the forest. Fawn discovers Gruff the beast. At this point in the movie, Gruff is very scary. He has green eyes, sharp teeth and a loud roar.
  • When the scout fairies capture Gruff and throw nightshade on him, Fawn starts crying and Gruff looks very sad. This scene might be scary and emotional for young children.
  • A green thunderstorm appears over Pixie Hollow, and lightning crashes around the town, causing fires. The fairies run for safety. Gruff is hit by lightning and begins to change. He grows wings and horns, and he begins glowing green. This transformation scene is quite frightening.
  • Fawn and Gruff try to save the town by flying into the sky to draw the lightning away. A bright flash of light appears, and we see Gruff and Fawn falling from the sky. This is scary for a moment, but the other fairies save them.
  • In parts of the movie, both Fawn and Tinker Bell seem to be seriously injured or dead.
  • The movie ends with Gruff having to go into hibernation for 1000 years. This is a very emotional ending, and all the fairies cry as they say goodbye to him. Some young children might think Gruff is dying.

From 5-8
Children in this age group might also be scared or disturbed by the scenes mentioned above.

From 8-13
Nothing of concern

Over 13
Nothing of concern

Sexual references

None of concern

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

None of concern

Nudity and sexual activity

None of concern

Product placement

There is no product placement of concern in Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, but lots of merchandise associated with this movie is being marketed to children.

Coarse language

Nothing of concern

Ideas to discuss with your children

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is an exciting movie about learning not to judge people by appearances. There are some scary and violent scenes in this movie, so it isn't recommended for children under four years. We also recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-8 years.

The main messages from this movie are about following your heart and accepting others for who they are.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include bravery, acceptance of others, loyalty and curiosity.

It's worth noting that the ending of this movie is emotional and might be upsetting for younger children. But this ending could also give you the chance to talk with your children about how you sometimes have to say goodbye to people you love.