Staying connected with teenagers: options

Staying connected with teenagers: options

Scenario: staying connected

In this scenario, Jen starts a casual conversation with her dad. This gives her dad an everyday opportunity to connect with Jen and keep the lines of communication open.

Option 1: let it go

You could choose to let the moment go and not pursue the conversation. That's OK, but you might miss a chance to build closeness and connection with your teenage child.

Hear what teenagers and their parents think of the dad's choice not to pursue the conversation.

Option 2: be interested

You might choose to show interest in your teenage child's feelings and opinions without prying into your child's personal life. You can use strategies like active listening and open-ended questions. See what happens when you try this option.

Teenagers and parents like this approach of showing interest through a casual conversation. Hear what they have to say.

Option 3: get involved

It's great to show interest in your child's life, but if you ask too many questions, your child might feel like you're prying. See what happens with this approach.

Teenagers and parents agree that Jen's dad asked too much questions in this approach. Here's what they have to say.