Enrique and Ana songs for children

Enrique and Ana songs for children

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'In a forest in China', 'Dance with the hula hoop' ... Do all these songs sound familiar to you? They are surely part of your childhood memories. They are the best known songs of Enrique and Ana, a duo made up of a young man in his twenties and an eight-year-old girl who became famous in the 70-80s.

Now you have the chance to sing and dance all these songs of Enrique and Ana for the children. Get them back so he can enjoy them too. Check out this fantastic selection of children's songs that we have prepared for you!

We have prepared a selection of fun songs with a lot of rhythm, and others more heartfelt and with messages. Many of them will sound familiar to you, and will bring back memories of your childhood. They are the most popular songs by Enrique and Ana, that children's music group that became so famous back in the 70s and 80s. It was made up of an 8-year-old girl and a young man in his early 20s. Here they are!

Dance with the hula hoop. We offer you the lyrics of Baila con el hula hoop, a song that made the children's duo formed by Enrique and Ana popular in the eighties. Enjoy remembering the traditional popular songs with your children.

In a forest in China. Here you have the lyrics and song of 'En un bosque de la China', a very popular song by the duo formed by Enrique Ana, a very famous children's musical group in the eighties. Remember your childhood with this song and remember it with your children. You just have to listen to it and use the lyrics that we offer you.

Chinese super disco. We offer you the lyrics of a very popular song by Enrique and Ana: Super Chinese album. Enjoy remembering your childhood with your children and teach them the rhythm of this song.

Long live the people. We offer you the lyrics of the song Viva la gente, created in 1969 by an organization that sought to promote education in tolerance and multiculture, and that the group Enrique y Ana managed to popularize.

The song of the planets. We offer you the lyrics of The song of the planets, a very popular song by singers Enrique and Ana. Teach your children which planets make up the Solar System with this fun song.

The Cocoua hen. La Gallina Cocoua is a popular song for children composed by Enrique and Ana, a group made up of a young man and a girl. This is a children's song that your children can sing too.

The Yenka. Here are the lyrics of La Yenka, a song with a lot of rhythm so that your child can sing and dance while having fun. La Yenka is a very popular song by the children's group Enrique y Ana. It will surely bring you many memories of your childhood. Rediscover this song here and teach it to your child.

The songs of the little ones. One of the most popular children's songs by Enrique and Ana is 'Las canciones de los peques', a song that is itself a compilation of some very popular children's songs. Enjoy the lyrics of this fun song by the children's duo of Enrique and Ana to sing and dance with your child.

Scrawl. We offer you the lyrics of Garabatos, a song by the popular group Enrique and Ana. It is a fun song that you can take advantage of with your child to remember your childhood. It is very funny and has a lot of rhythm to sing and dance. We remind you of the song 'Garabatos', which was so popular for many children in the 80s

The train is leaving. Here are the lyrics to the song 'El tren se va', a popular song well known in the 70s and 80s by the musical duo Enrique y Ana. It is a very funny song that tells children about the adventures of a little train. 'El tren se va' is a song with a lot of rhythm, ideal for dancing with the children.

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