The 5 most difficult tongue twisters for kids

The 5 most difficult tongue twisters for kids

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'The sky is bricked, who will unbrick it? The ripper that unbricks it, a good ripper will be '... Do you like tongue twisters? They are great for improving your child's diction. And they turn out to be a hilarious game. They are also very useful, for example, if your child has to speak in public. Before you go out to speak, you can practice with some tongue twisters, and it will pronounce all the words much better.

Do you dare with the most difficult tongue twisters for children? Explain to your child that he should read them, first slowly and then faster. We started!

1. This is a very short tongue twister that seems simple, and yet you will pull your hair out as soon as you try to repeat it very quickly ...

I buy little coconut,

because I eat little coconut,

little coconut I buy.

If your son did not go well the first time, nothing happens. With practice and a lot of willpower, you will. Then you can challenge your friends to repeat it without making a mistake.

2. Let's see if you dare with this tongue twister with which your child will practice the pronunciation of the 'P':

Pepe Pecas chops potatoes with a pick,

Pepe Pecas potatoes with a pick.

If Pepe Pecas chops potatoes with a pick,

Where is the peak with which Pepe Pecas chops potatoes?

3. Let's go to the third one, this is getting more and more complicated ... Look, look ... Let's see how this one works out for you. It is used to practice the 'M':

Mariana Magaña will unravel tomorrow the tangle that Marina Tomorrow will entangle.

Will Mariana Magaña unravel tomorrow the tangled tangle that Marina Mañana entangled?

4. The fourth tongue twister is somewhat more complex, but with it you will practice the diction of the phoneme 'P':

I have an ethical, perhetic, perimplectic, hairy, bald, perimplimplied goat,

who had an ethical, peretic, perimpletic, hairy, bald, perimplanted kid.

5. Well, the most difficult of all arrives… Go for it!

There was a godable mother,

pericotable and so wonderful

that he had a godijo son,

pericotijo ​​and tantarantijo.

One day the godable mother,

pericotable and so wonderful

he told his son Godijo,

pericotijo ​​and tantarantijo:

- Son godijo, pericotijo ​​and

much said

tgive me the hare godiebre,

pericotiebre and

so much fever

from mount godonte,

pericotonte and

so much.

So the son godijo, pericotijo

and so much said

went to mount godonte,

pericotonte and

so much

to bring the hare godiebre,

pericotiebre and

so much fever.

You did? Play with your child while improving pronunciation. You will see how thanks to all these tongue twisters, your child improves diction quickly.

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