The curious reasons why children get red ears

The curious reasons why children get red ears

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We all blush at certain times, be it from embarrassment, anger, or nervousness. If we think about that blush, the idea of ​​rosy cheeks comes to mind, but did you know that the ears also blush?

Surely you know someone whose ears look like a luminous sign at certain times, as if they had been exposed to a hot iron, so much so that if you touch them you are boiling but why does it happen? These are the surprising reasons kids get red ears ... and adults do too.

On those winter days in which the temperature shock between the outside and the inside is enormous, my children enter through the front door after having been playing in the park with red ears. They are swollen and extremely hot, as if they have a fever. They cannot bear to wear a hat so when they enter a hot environment, their poor little ears seem to have passed through the pot.

I also had a co-worker who, in times of great stress, got his ears boiling, we knew it was 200% and that it was better not to approach, because of the tone they acquired.

Not everyone has a blush on their ears, but it is true that there are some adults and children who are predisposed to red ears and this happens for a surprising reason ...

- Temperature changes: In these cases in which there has been a large change in temperature, vasodilation occurs, it can also be caused by taking a very hot shower or eating something spicy. And, our ears are full of superficial blood vessels that carry blood and oxygen. This facilitates that, before a change in temperature in the environment, a change also occurs in our body to be able to regulate body temperature. If the blood vessels dilate, the blood flows to the surface of the skin and this is when there is a sensation of heat and redness in both the lobe and the rest of the ear. So much so that they can become swollen and even cause internal bleeding.

- Emotional reaction: the ears also blush. In the face of an emotional reaction, the blood vessels reopen in response to a signal in the nervous system. This is a response from the human body for which there is no clear scientific answer. According to Frans de Waal, a biologist at Emory University in Atlanta, coloration can be a signal with which we try to communicate to others that we are aware of the impact of our actions. In short, before a moment of anguish, shame, stress, feelings of humiliation, anger or nervousness, the ears turn red, preventing us from hiding that emotional reaction.

- Sunburn: yes, the ears, that area where we tend to forget to apply sunscreen, but like arms, legs and nose, they are exposed to the sun and are equally susceptible to burning.

- Bacterial infection: a seborrheic dermatitis or erysipelas, can cause redness and also itching and peeling of the skin. And it can even be due to an allergic reaction to an object, fabric, or metal. That is, if the boy wears a hat that causes irritation or the girl an earring that gives her an allergy can cause redness and inflammation.

- Food reactions- Spicy food or allergies to certain foods and drinks can cause hot, red ears. Even in adults, alcohol intake can be responsible for this phenomenon.

And what to do? In the case of temperature changes or allergic reactions there is nothing to do, just wait for it to pass, it is temporary. If it is an infection or allergic reaction, it is advisable to consult with the pediatrician.

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