Children's low self-esteem

Children's low self-esteem

Our self-esteem is constantly affected by the experiences and demands we receive from the outside world. Society demands that we follow standard behavior guidelines or systems of choice and decision similar or equal to those of the majority. And if we do not meet the required requirements, our self-esteem, although positive, can be diminished.

For this reason, building positive self-esteem must be strong at all times in a child's life. Only then, he will not feel inferior if he has a haircut, which he likes, but which others do not like.

We tell you more about consequences of children's low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem can develop feelings such as the anguish, the pain, the indecision, the discouragement, laziness, embarrassment, and other discomforts. For this reason, maintaining positive self-esteem is a fundamental task throughout the growth of children. Within each one of us, exist hidden feelings that many times we do not perceive them.

Bad feelings, such as pain, sadness, resentment, and others, if not remedied, end up becoming and taking different forms. These feelings can lead a person not only to suffer continuous depression, but also to have a guilt complex, sudden mood swings, anxiety attacks, panic, inexplicable reactions, indecisions, excessive envy, fears, impotence, hypersensitivity and pessimism, among others.

Low self-esteem can also lead a person to feeling undervalued and, because of that, to always be comparing oneself with others, underlining the virtues and abilities of others. You may see them as superior beings and feel that you will never perform like them.

This posture can lead to have no goals, to see no meaning in anything, and to convince himself that he is incapable of achieving anything he sets out to do. What happens to him is that he cannot understand that we are all different and unique, and that nobody is perfect. That we all make mistakes and start over.

It is within the family environment, the main factor that influences self-esteem, where children grow and form their personality. What his family thinks of him is of fundamental importance. Therefore, it is recommended that parents do not miss the achievements that their children conquer. If the baby begins to walk, but the elderly see the situation as an obligation and not as a conquest of the baby, the baby will not feel sufficiently stimulated to continue striving to achieve other achievements, to improve itself.

The important thing in the entire process of growth of our children is that we give them the possibility of being, to feel good about themselves. That our effort is linked to affection, affection, observation, to value their qualities and to support them when something goes wrong. And for that it is necessary to know them every day, favoring encounters, conversations and physical contact.

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