Names for boys. Weird but pretty names

Names for boys. Weird but pretty names

Parents seek the best name for your baby. But choosing the name is not always an easy task given the large number of possibilities. Some prefer a traditional and familiar name, while others go for weird but pretty names.

If what you like are little known names, original And with a very personal touch, we have put together a list of 10 weird but cute names for boys. You will surely find the ideal name for your baby.

1. Brais. It is a name of Galician origin, very popular in Galicia, but in other places it is rare, original and very beautiful. It has a special charm, with an elegant and distinguished touch and brings a lot of personality.

2. Enzo. Although the name is of Germanic origin, this is its Italian variant. It refers to the well-known Heinrich or Enrique and has the charisma and sensuality that the Italian tradition gives it. It is a simple but forceful name that can be perfect for your child.

3. Zigor. It is a name of Basque origin that is liked for its musicality. Of uncertain meaning, Zigor brings a touch of mystery and unusual seduction to children's names. Outside of the Basque Country, it is a rare but charming name.

4. Yannick. This name is of French origin and despite its exotic character, it is the French-speaking version of one of the most frequent names for boys, Juan. In this variant, Yannick multiplies Juan's appeal by his originality. In addition, he has a special strength that maintains his entire personality.

5. Kilian. The name has a Celtic origin and has been passed down to us through medieval Irish tradition. It has a meaning related to combat and is a charismatic name that brings energy and personality to your child.

6. Eros. It is a name of Greek origin, well known for its meaning of love, but rare as a name for a boy. Eros was in Greek mythology the winged genie that fluttered with his bow around humans to make them fall in love, the same one that in Rome they called Cupid.

7. Uriel. This name is of Hebrew origin and has a meaning that speaks of light and radiance. Although it already appears in biblical writings, it has not been widely used as a boy's name, so it maintains that rare and original touch that your child will love.

8. Janus. It is a name of Latin origin that belongs to the oldest mythological tradition. Janus was an ancient Roman god with two faces facing opposite sides and personified both the beginning and the end. An original and rare name with a great personality.

9. Joel. The name has a Hebrew origin and we know it from biblical writings. It has never been a very frequent name, but in recent times it is being rescued by those parents who are looking for names with meaning, little used, rare, but beautiful.

10. Elián. We find a remote Greek origin for this name whose meaning refers to Helios, the sun god. It is a beautiful name, little known, but it is not eccentric. In addition, it is a name that is charming and with a special energy.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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