Baby crawling. Stages and care

Baby crawling. Stages and care

The day your baby starts crawl you will feel great happiness as well as great concern. The house becomes territory to be explored, and parents must walk with a thousand eyes to avoid an accident with our little one.

To find out how the baby crawl, what are its phases and what precautions can we take so that it can crawl safely. Surely as soon as you want to realize it, it will have already taken its first steps!

The beginning of the baby's crawl marks a new stage in its development in which psychomotor skills will play a very important role, do not miss these tips from We tell you how the baby begins to crawl, what you can do to help him crawl, what type of footwear is suitable for crawling, and many more.

Games to stimulate crawling. We propose a series of games to stimulate the baby's crawling. To start to stimulate crawling, we must first have a toy that is of interest to him on hand and we put ourselves at a distance that allows him to move a little without help. Pay attention to all these tips to get your baby to crawl through play.

When the baby starts to crawl. Thanks to crawling, the baby develops vision, touch, speech, crafts, orientation and perception, in addition to other functions such as movement, or balance that are also very important.

How to choose footwear for crawling. Choosing suitable footwear for children is very important to allow a correct development of the feet, which will have a decisive influence on the correct evolution of the gait. But going barefoot is ideal to promote their sensory development.

Types of baby crawling. How the baby crawls. Types of crawling. Crawling, standard crawling, bear crawling, sitting ... our site informs us about the types of movements that the baby can perform.

How to help the baby to crawl. How to help the baby with crawling through games. On our site we teach you a series of games or activities that we can do with babies so that they start and improve their crawling skills. Crawling gives a child a lot of independence and is the first step to start walking.

Care during crawling. Necessary care when the baby begins to crawl around the house. What precautions should parents take to avoid danger to babies who start crawling?

Benefits of crawling for the baby. Advantages of crawling for the development of the baby. Crawling is a stage in the development of children that occurs approximately between 6 and 9 months. Benefits of crawling before taking the first steps.

Suitable clothing for crawling. Clothes for the crawling baby. There is a variety of clothes or accessories to make it easier for the little ones to crawl in this stage so full of movement. They are garments to protect the baby's knees when crawling.

Baby safety during crawling. If your baby crawls, be careful. The dangers of the house for the baby. How to protect your baby from plugs, the spout of the table, the toilet brush, the Christmas tree or the furniture in the house.

Crawling and baby dermatitis. By six or seven months, when babies begin to crawl, it is very normal for them to spend much more time on the floor. They will rub your knees, arms, and crotches on different surfaces, possibly leading to atopic dermatitis.

The age the baby begins to crawl. Premature babies need special care and more stimulation in their development. At what age do premature babies begin to crawl? On our site you will find all the answers to your questions about crawling and the development of mobility in premature babies.

Dogs teach baby to crawl. Don't miss this funny video where a dog imitates a baby when it crawls. In this video, two Alaskan Malamutes dogs follow a baby as he tries to crawl, the funniest thing about the images is that the pets do it ... imitating his crawling!

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