The 3 causes that cause the most unhappiness in children

The 3 causes that cause the most unhappiness in children

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In astudy recently it has been proven that the older the childrenthe more unhappy they are, but why? This is something that is especially surprising when we see that one of the main concerns of parents towards their children is that they be happy, in addition to being successful in life and not getting sick.

We reveal what themain causes that cause more unhappiness in children and its causes.

You just have to see the photos you have taken of your children over the years and you can see for yourself.

Children up to 8 years of age smile more, play more and, although they also cry more, they are happier; from that age children begin to be aware of thedifficulties of life, and therefore they begin to stop smiling so much.

In a recent study it has been seen that unhappiness increases with the age of the child. Between 5 and 8 years, 16% of the surveyed children said they were unhappy, while this percentage rose to 23% among pre-adolescents.

This data is normal, according to thepsychologists, since the older our children grow they face the morechallenges in life, and those challenges have a lot to do with socializing with other children at school, which is not easy at all.

According to the study,the causes that cause the most unhappiness in children are:

1- That parents can not spend time with them.

2- Not havingtime to play.

3. Get punished for misbehaving.

It is surprising to see how children care more thantheir parents play with them, than the toys themselves or the type of game to develop. Their parents are the most important thing they have, soto interact with them in a positive way, like the game, it makes them very happy.

The second causes is the lack of time to play. It is proven that through play the child evolves in a balanced psychological, physical, cognitive and emotional level.The child is happy when he plays, especially in early childhood, is curious and interested in things and people.

It is important that the child have time to play, even above other options that parents understand to be more important, such as extracurricular activities, which we consider so decisive for the future life of the child.

Especially the type of game that develops in infancy is vital to the child's happiness, and is a game that will never be repeated in future stages. Games with dolls, imitation or symbolic, those related to sports, or those with constructions are among the favorite games of children, far above any type of game through the screens, which createaddiction in the child but it is not so rewardingemotionally as is free play.

The so-called free game, that is, in which the child has to invent a game with what is around him, without anyone conditioning or directing him,no pre-established rules, is the one that brings the most benefits to the child, since through it he learns to solve conflicts and develops his imagination and ingenuity for the resolution ofproblems.

On the other hand, in this same study, when parents were asked, they highlighted that their mainconcern with children85% is that they were happy; Now we know that you have to try too hard, you just have to spend time with them and let them play freely.

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