Christmas decoration. Homemade ornaments to decorate the house

Christmas decoration. Homemade ornaments to decorate the house

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The Christmas spirit makes us feel closer to others and regain that childlike spirit that we put aside for the rest of the year. And what better way to do it than decorating the house with the little ones.

Christmas decoration is a great opportunity to bring the whole family together to decorate the house with your own crafts, having a fun time and learning what is the meaning of the most typical Christmas symbols.

At Christmas, doors, walls and windows are decorated with Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree is another main decoration in every home. We suggest that you make your own ornaments with your children in a very simple and fun way.

To know the Christmas decorations, we will start at the front door of the house. In many homes, a Christmas wreath with figures of Santa Claus, colored balls, bells, bows, pine branches or mistletoe, a plant with beak-shaped leaves and red fruits that, they say!, brings good luck and symbolizes hope.

Windows are also decked out for Christmas. In them they are usually hang pictures made by children or foam figures, imitating snow, made with templates, in addition to hanging ornaments such as snowmen, balls or Santa Claus. Decorating the windows is a way of communicating to others that a family lives there with enthusiasm.

The Christmas tree is, in many houses, the main decoration. There are different sizes, they can be natural or artificial, and with more or less decoration, but they are all assembled with the same love and enthusiasm.

Before you start decorating the Christmas tree. It is necessary to choose a pleasant place and that has an outlet nearby. Once all the fir branches have been chosen and stretched, it is time to decorate it.

The lights are placed first, from bottom to top, distributing them well throughout the tree. Next, and with the help of the children, the ornaments are placed evenly: angels, pinecones, bells, bows, balls, stars, garlands, etc.

The heaviest ones will be put on the inside and the lightest ones on the tips of the branches. To finish, the largest and heaviest ornament, a star, an angel or even a Santa Claus, is placed on top of the tree.

The Christmas decorations, to hang on the tree, the doors, the walls, the windows or the front door, can be 'made' by yourself.

Try making a dough out of wheat flour, salt, and water. With the help of a roller, you can create, with the children, figures of Santa Claus, stars, bells, Three Kings, angels, etc. There are molds with these drawings in any craft store. It will be a lot of fun and educational to customize the Christmas decorations in your house. Get started right now!

The Christmas decoration is completed with the Bethlehem, also called Nativity, Manger, Portal or Pasitos, the material representation of the scenes of the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi. They are usually exhibited during Christmas in homes, churches, schools, official institutions, shop windows, shopping centers, etc.

The tradition of putting up the Nativity Scene dates back to the 13th century, when Saint Francis of Assisi gathered the residents of the Italian village of Greccio in a hermitage to celebrate the midnight mass. Around a manger, with the figure of the baby Jesus molded by the hands of Saint Francis, praises were sung to the Mystery of the Birth. At the most solemn moment of the mass, that immobile figure came to life, smiled and extended its arms towards the Saint of Assisi.

But even before the celebration of Greccio there are antecedents of the plastic representation of the birth of Jesus. The remains of nativity scenes have appeared in Roman catacombs and in churches and other places linked to Christian worship. In any case, it was from the 14th century that the tradition of putting the Nativity scene at Christmas was consolidated throughout Europe. And today they are assembled with pieces made of wood, clay, plastic, metal or even ice, in the Nordic countries.

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