The memory of the squirrel. Short poem with teachings for children

The memory of the squirrel. Short poem with teachings for children

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Many children do not like to go hand in hand with their parents, they prefer to walk independently and freely. However, in some public places this can be dangerous, especially if the parents become known and get lost. This is what the poem is about The memory of the squirrel.

It is a short animal poem with teachings for children. This poetry tries to warn children about the danger of getting lost if separated from their parents. We can read it with our children and make them understand that they must always remain by our side.

A very naughty squirrel

jumped from pine to pine,

and playing distracted

got lost on the way.

Scared and in horror

looking around,

the rather restless squirrel

he realized his mistake.

Back the same jumps

in the same pines he gave,

and thanks to his memory

the squirrel the way found.

To ensure that your child has a good understanding of the poem and its meaning, you can ask this series of questions:

- What animal jumped from pine to pine?

- What happened to the protagonist of the story?

- How did you solve your problem?

It is a great way to promote the child's reading ability and stimulate understanding of the texts he reads.

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