The tenacity of the bird. Children's poem about effort

The tenacity of the bird. Children's poem about effort

Parents must educate our children in values ​​to teach them to be better people every day. But for them to understand why they have to be responsible, sincere, kind, or hardworking, it is not enough to tell them. We suggest you teach children through stories, poems or fables.

So that they really learn the importance of working and persevering in what one does to achieve results, we suggest you read this children's poem about effort with your children: The tenacity of the bird.

A beautiful story

I'm going to tell you,

a little bird

could not fly.

From one tree to another

fell through the branches,

and never flew,

no matter how hard I tried.

And again,

Night and day,

this little bird

he insisted with determination.

One of the times

he fell to the ground,

it hit the head,

and passed out.

But upon waking up

he was not ashamed,

quite the opposite

he tried again.

So much insisted

that the miracle happened

and by moving its wings

one day it flew.

Do you think your child has understood the nursery rhyme? And the message it transmits? Put him to the test with these reading comprehension questions for kids. A great way to stimulate learning to read in children.

- What was wrong with the bird?

- Did he fly?

- Why do you think it managed to fly?

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