7 breast changes during pregnancy

7 breast changes during pregnancy

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During pregnancy the woman's body changes a lot, on the one hand due to the growth of the uterus and the baby that is gestating; and other changes are due to the influence of pregnancy hormones.

One of the parts that changes the most in these months is the woman's chest, which is not only going to increase in size. We tell you what breasts look like during pregnancy.

During the first trimester, due to hormones, we noticed a lot of tenderness in the breast area; in fact it is usually one of the first symptoms that many women feel. This is usually due to the increase in flow to the breast area, and in addition to noticing them more and causing discomfort, we can feel tingling, heaviness ...

This increased vascularity in the area also makes the veins in the breasts more visible.

But the main change experienced by the breasts are those that make you prepare for breastfeeding, whether or not you choose to breastfeed your child, we are programs like this, since we are mammals.

We are going to summarize the changes that you will notice in the breasts during pregnancy in your chest and that are considered normal:

- Increased sensitivity. The bra may bother you, the slightest rub or small blow that they give you.

- Increase in size. Some women report having increased up to two bra sizes, and this big change can make your skin itch a lot. Even due to stretching, stretch marks can appear on the skin.

- Pigmentation of the nipple. Due to hormonal changes, melanin has increased activity during pregnancy, and it tends to increase the pigmentation of various parts of the body (linea alba, spots on the face, freckles ...); and the breast areola is also very dark. This will help your baby find the nipple during breastfeeding.

- Increase in the size of the nipples, to promote future lactation.

- Veins appear in the breasts, since the vascularization in the area is increased.

- Thickening of the Montgomery glands: they are lumps that are in the areola, they are responsible for lubricating and hydrating the breast.

- Secretion of colostrum: during pregnancy the breast begins its activity, and many women are aware of this, since yellowish spots may appear on the bra.

- Avoid underwired bras, choose to use materials that breathe well such as cotton; and of course ensures that the breast support is correct. This can alleviate chest discomfort.

- Hydrate them well, the skin will stretch a lot and if you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or itching it is essential that you use a good moisturizer or opt for sweet almond oil.

- No need to prepare in a special way for breastfeeding, not even the nipples.

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