Children's poems that tell stories

Children's poems that tell stories

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There are many kinds of poems: funny, original, short, about animals, tongue twisters ... But also, there is a kind of nursery rhymes that tell storiesThey are little stories in verse.

On our site we have put together a selection of these beautiful poems for children that tell stories, a perfect way to attract the child to the wonderful world of poetry. And, the stories we can not only find in prose, there are also precious stories written in verse that we can read to our children to promote a taste for poetry.

We present a selection of short poems for children, all of them poetry that tell stories. They are stories in verse so that children learn to love poetry.

The sand castle, poems that tell stories. We invite you to read these children's poems that tell stories. The short poem El Castillo de Arena, tells throughout its verses how a castle is made in the sand and what happens when a wave arrives. A poem for children by Marisa Alonso Santamaría.

Duck's friends, stories in verse. Educating children in the value of friendship is very important for them to develop good social relationships with others. We can help ourselves with poetry for this. We invite you to read this poem for children about friendship: The Duck's Friends.

The three palms, poems that tell stories. We suggest you read this beautiful children's poem with a moral: The three palms. A poem for children, to teach them that they have to value the good things in life, enjoy it and avoid living it with negativity, fights or conflicts.

The bunnies and the snowman. We suggest that you explain to children what changes happen in winter through poems. The bunnies and the snowman is one of these children's poems about winter that you can read with your children and so they learn about the environment.

The little witch and the goblin, stories in verse. If you want to promote the pleasure of reading in your children, we suggest that you read with them The Little Witch and the Goblin. And it is that short stories in verse can help us to do so. These are short children's poems that stimulate the taste for reading poetry.

Poems that tell stories: The shoemaker boy. This children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, The Shoemaker Boy, helps us explain to our children the value of effort and work. Children's poems with values ​​to read aloud with our children.

The zebra and the mouse, story in verse. Read this original children's poem about friends aloud with your children. The zebra and the mouse tells the story of a little mouse who is injured by her friend the zebra but she will do everything possible to take care of her little adventure companion.

The sweet kingdom, children's poems. A wonderful fantasy poem for children in which an incredible kingdom of Candy is described. The sweet kingdom is a children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría to read as a family.

The lesson, stories in verse with values. How to get children to obey? We can teach them the importance of being obedient through stories, stories, and poetry. Like this one, The Lesson, a children's poem about obedience.

The distrustful crab, poems with values. This children's poem with values, The Mistrustful Crab, teaches children that sometimes they have to allow themselves to be helped by others and be more trusting. The help of friends is sometimes essential.

The boy and the beggar, stories in verse. We suggest you read this poem to your children: The child and the beggar, a solidarity poem for children as it teaches them the value of understanding and charity. And, above all, not to consider more and better anyone for their physical appearance.

The snake and the cobra, short poems. Poems have so many benefits for children and bring them so many good things that parents must bring them closer to their day to day. On our site we propose a very funny poetry that your children will love.

The excursion of the crocodiles. This short poem: The Crocodile Excursion tells the adventures of a group of crocodiles that set out on a jungle excursion. A fun poetry for children that tells a story. Tales in verse for children.

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