Children's right to food

Children's right to food

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All children have the right to eat. This is what the Declaration of the Rights of the Child approved in 1959 says, at least. However, reality is far from theory and today this Children's right to food it is violated every day around the world.

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure compliance with these Rights, not only with respect to our children, but also on a more global level that includes all the children of the world. The right of every child to eat is not being fulfilled in developing countries, but neither in our country. First world.

According to Declaration of the Rights of the child, all children must be guaranteed a sufficient feeding, accessible, durable and in healthy condition. We know that you are not fulfilling this right that is essential for the physical and intellectual development of children.

Food is vital for any child or adult. This is something that we must make our children understand, as well as educate them in solidarity. Making our children more aware that food is not guaranteed for everyone can make their health change for the better relationship with food.

This right to food is found in the principle 4 of the Rights of the child, together with other fundamental rights such as housing, recreation and adequate medical services. And if before this right was violated only in the most disadvantaged countries, today we see how it is also affecting us closer.

What some children have excess in their diet, others lack. There are children who cannot obtain the basic food and suffer from malnutrition, while other children abuse the food available to them in such a way that they end up suffering from problems of overweight and childhood obesity due to the so-called 'overfeeding'.

The malnutrition covers both sides of the coin. Both children who cannot access their daily food and children who abuse sugars and fats are malnourished children. And in both cases the health risks They are many. The difference is that an overweight child will surely have adequate medical services within his reach and a malnourished child will not.

What is in our hands to guarantee this Right to food is to educate our children with a certain sense of The responsability at mealtime. A healthy, balanced diet without waste will teach our children that resources are limited and must be shared. In this way we can make them participate in a problem that today does not affect them but does affect millions of children around the world.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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