10 things you should know about breast cancer

10 things you should know about breast cancer

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Breast cancer is the most diagnosed and frequent in women and also one of the main causes of death, although it is true that mortality is decreasing thanks to medical advances.

This high incidence in women makes early detection the great ally to increase the chances of cure. Self-examination and mammography is our great ally in detecting breast cancer and being able to start treatment in the early stages of the disease. Knowing everything about breast cancer is essential to fight it.

1- Breast cancer has no symptoms: it is not painful or noticeable to the naked eye As the cancer progresses, you can see lumps in the breast or in the armpits, changes in the size of the breast, redness or fluid discharge from the nipple.

2- Any woman can suffer it regardless of whether you have a family history or not. Although there is a higher incidence in women with relatives who have suffered from it, none is free from breast cancer.

3- Breast cancer is ageless: one of the main risk factors for breast cancer is being over 45 years old, however, any woman of any age can suffer from it.

4- Early detection is the best ally against breast cancer: if it is diagnosed early, there is a 95% chance of recovery.

5- The main risk factors are: being over 45 years old, having started menstruating before the age of 12 and having menopause after 55 years, having a family history of breast cancer and having an alteration of some genes associated with the disease.

6- Breast cancer is diagnosed by mammography: Although the examination may give an indication, it will be this test that confirms the existence of cancer. This is an X-ray of the breast.

7- Men can get breast cancer too although its incidence is significantly lower than that of women.

8- According to experts, breastfeeding protects against breast cancer. Studies affirm that lactating women have less risk of suffering from this tumor, of course, as long as it has been carried out for a long time.

9- Benign tumors in the chest are usually soft, move and can cause some pain. Malignant tumors are hard, fixed, and painless in the early stages of the disease.

10- A good diet and a healthy lifestyle they are important in the prevention of breast cancer. There are foods that help fight cancer cells like fruits and vegetables. Also avoid smoking, sedentary life, alcoholism and poor diet.

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