Advantages and disadvantages of offal for children

Advantages and disadvantages of offal for children

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The consumption of offal in children has always been subject to debate. Years ago it was said that the offal was the best nutritional food for them, and our mothers put it on our plates day in and day out as something obligatory to swallow if we wanted be healthy and strong.

I know of no child who at first sight delights in gastronomic delights of the offal, but the truth is that this is also a negative aspect that we have instilled in some adults. There are still many prejudices against the offal among the elderly, and that makes our children repeat our behaviors.

The offal has indisputable truths, for example, it contributes a very high nutritional value, since in addition to a high content of protein, contributes vitamins A and B, iron, calcium, mineral salts and potassium, that is, an injection against anemia and weak bodies. But, on the other hand, it must be consumed with caution, because in high doses it can produce toxicity and it has a high cholesterol index, since it has a lot of fat.

Vitamin A, present in almost all offal, is toxic if taken in large quantities, since it accumulates in the body, and the concentration in children is even higher, which could lead to produce bone breakage and anemia severe.

The truth is that for 10 years the offal has not been looked at with such good eyes. It is said that when eating it we ingest all the toxins and hormones that the animal has, which is true, for that reason, there are those who proclaim its advantages to the four winds, and those who cry out to the sky when we give it to children.

In we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of giving children offal, and what is the most recommended offal for them.

You have to distinguish between red viscera and white viscera. The red viscera are the liver, heart, and lungs; and the white viscera are brains, tetanus, and criadillas. The former are the most suitable for children, since they are a source of iron and vitamins, and a excellent antianemic only comparable to some algae; while the latter have a high fat index, and therefore too much cholesterol to give to children.


1- the liver provides protein, iron and other nutrients, which makes it perfect for people with severe deficiencies of vitamin A and B12, iron and copper.

2- It is cheap, although it should be consumed fresh and on the same day, as it gets bad right away.

3- It has great gastronomic fame And it can be a real treat.

4- Suitable for restorative diets.

5 is more nutritious than meat.

6- It is from Fast food, because the simpler the recipe, the more properties it will retain.


1- You should only eat once a week.

2- It has very high doses of cholesterol, especially the white viscera.

3- If you eat frequently you can produce toxicity in the body of children by high concentration of vitamin A.

4- If the child takes vitamin supplements, we must consult the doctor before giving him offal.

5- The pregnant women They should not consume it as vitamin A can delay the development of the fetus.

6- The liver is responsible for filter chemicals of the body and, therefore, is where the hormones and antibiotics that are supplied to animals, which are then passed into the children's bloodstream.

In short: If what we want is to give children offal the most recommended is give him gizzards, beef or chicken liver (avoid lamb, which is more fatty) and kidneys, which contribute to the development of bones; and put aside the brains, the criadillas and the marrow.

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