I'm pregnant! When is it better to announce it?

I'm pregnant! When is it better to announce it?

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I believe that one of the news that a woman can give more pleasure and joy to her partner and her family is that she is expecting a child. And even if the baby she is waiting for is still a small embryo, the desire to announce the pregnancy overwhelms the future mother.

What she wants is to shout from the rooftops that she is pregnant, although some teachings advise that it is better for her to wait until 3 months of gestation to do so; then When is it better to announce pregnancy?

When to report pregnancy? This seems like a very easy question to answer, but it is not so easy.

On the one hand, you think to whom and to how many people you want to communicate the happy news. To future grandparents? To older siblings? To friends, co-workers? On the other hand, due to increasingly apparent risk of abortion In the first months of pregnancy due to many and varied causes such as late pregnancy, the use of fertilization techniques, stress and bad consumption habits (alcohol, tobacco, etc.), many couples prefer to wait at least until the second month of gestation.

At this stage they feel more confident that the pregnancy was not just a delay in menstruation. A "false alarm" can cause some displeasure in the couple and in the family.

Statistics reveal that one in three pregnancies ends in spontaneous abortions in the first 12 weeks of gestation. According to the wisdom of yoga, the ideal is that the couple wait until 120 days after conception to announce the pregnancy socially.

Akasha Kaur, teacher of Kundalini yoga prenatal and author of the book Meditation for pregnancy, recommends that mother avoid emotional pressures during the first months of pregnancy. "Children are a bigger commitment than marriage, schooling, or paying the home loan. The vibration of what you see, say, hear, do and even what you think will be imprinted on their mind," says Alaska Kaur in his book.

Today's society is not used to considering this type of spiritual reasonings and traditions, although every day we reflect more on the importance of the mother's emotional state. The knowledge of Yoga says that the first months of pregnancy are like when the land is prepared before sowing it, and the opportune occasion to start preparing for the great event that is the arrival of the baby's soul for the day 120 after conception.

Kundalini Yoga practice advises new mothers, in the company of other expectant mothers, to learn to relax and that they dedicate at least three minutes a day to meditation. It is of fundamental importance that they encourage each other and build a common good.

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