Saint Raphael Day, October 24. Names for boys

Saint Raphael Day, October 24. Names for boys

Rafael is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'he has healed' or 'Medicine of God'. The archangel Raphael is the angel who healed Patriarch Tobías, which is why he is considered the ‘patron saint’ of the sick and mutilated of war. Saint Raphael is celebrated on October 24 and is the name of one of the three archangels expressly cited in the Holy Scriptures.

According to the Bible, Saint Raphael was sent by Yahweh to accompany Tobias, Tobit's son, on a long and dangerous journey to get the young man a wife. This is Sara, who had seen seven betrothed die because a demon was in love with the woman and killed her husband on the wedding night. At the end of the trip, San Rafael gets Tobías to drive away the demon, and to cure his father's blindness. According to some voices, he is also the protector of travelers, courtship and health.

The name day of this name is celebrated in some places on September 29 while in others its festivity takes place on October 24.

San Rafael has been the custodian of Córdoba since it was attributed to him for its protection during a plague epidemic. Also the Archangel San Rafael, is together with the Virgen del Rosario, the patron and perpetual mayor of the Albacete city of Hellín, and he is also the patron of the Segovian city that bears his same name San Rafael.

The use of this name in today's society is very common and popular, not only in Spanish-speaking countries, but throughout the world, to call newborns, with its diminutive 'Rafa' or 'Rafita being widely used. There is also the feminine form of this Hebrew name, which is Rafaela although its current use is not very widespread.

Among the personalities that have popularized this name we can highlight the Renaissance painter Rafael Sanzio, the Spanish writer Rafael Alberti, the Spanish singer Raphael, the Mexican actor Rafael Amaya, and the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Rafael is a name that It is used throughout the world, with the Rafael form prevailing in languages ​​such as Albanian or Portuguese. This form is also used in Catalan. In languages ​​such as German, English or French the form Raphael is used, while in Italian it is used Raffaele or also Raffaella, in Polish Rafal and in Basque Errapel.

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