5 mistakes when cleaning the baby's nose

5 mistakes when cleaning the baby's nose

What product should I use to wash my baby's nose? How often do I have to do a nasal wash? Is it advisable to always use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remains of mucus?

When we prepare to perform a nasal wash on the baby, we get a lot of doubts that we do not know how to solve. We tell you the five most frequent mistakes we make when washing our child's nose and how to solve them.

Nasal washes with seawater are very useful if applied correctly, which is why it is very important to know the most common tricks and mistakes related to this practice:

1.- Parents only perform nasal washes on their babies when they have a cold. This is a mistake since nasal washes should be done daily both to clean and to prevent possible diseases.

2.- Another very common mistake is to prefer serum to sea water. As we have explained before, the composition of the asea ​​water makes washing more effective and more natural.

3.- Adding a few drops of sea water is useless. Nasal washes are performed by taking a good jet of sea water, or taking one or more inhalations of sprayed seawater, and not just two or three drops.

4.- Nasal washes are harmful to babies and you should not force the child to clean: It is true that, at first, babies do not like us to clean their nose and they may get angry when we do it . Even more so if they already see us with seawater in our hands. However, it is important to be aware of the necessity of these washes and the existence of guidelines and tips to prevent the baby from being upset. One of them is to do washes with the baby lying instead of sitting. It is best if you are lying down, because this makes it easier to hold the head. A well-supported head prevents the child from turning it sharply, which is why we can hurt their nostrils.

5.- Not taking care of hygiene during the nasal washes process. Sometimes there is a tendency to think that being the vacuum cleaner for the same child there is no danger in vacuuming for a long time with the same replacement. This is a serious error, every time we use the vacuum cleaner it is necessary to put a new replacement. Continued use of the same refill can lead to upper respiratory infections.

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