5 tips for choosing baby earrings

5 tips for choosing baby earrings

Nowadays, more and more parents decide not to put their daughter pending. In fact, many hospitals no longer offer this service. However, there are still many parents who do prefer to put earrings on their newborn.

Maybe you have some doubts when buying the earrings, or maybe you do not even consider some important issues before buying the earrings for her. What material is the best? What kind of closure? Can you have any shape? We reveal all your doubts.

1. The material of the earrings: The first thing to consider is the material of the earrings. The newborn's skin is very delicate and is not exempt from possible allergies. Earrings containing nickel can cause allergies and hives. Without a doubt, the best material for baby earrings is gold (minimum 14 carats) and silver. They are noble metals, and the ones that generate the least allergies. Always look for hypoallergenic earrings.

2. The shape of the earring: Keep in mind that the newborn spends most of the day sleeping, and that in many cases he will sleep on his side. Try not to make the earring have sharp shapes, like stars, or have accessories that dangle. The best slope is the plane. A simple, round, flat, fine earring. You will have time to change it later.

3. The size of the earring: try that the earring is in tune and proportion with the baby's face. Do not buy very large earrings, because they can bother you. If they are earrings, don't be too big, because the baby could pull on them and hurt himself.

4. The closure of the earring: The best closure for the baby's earring is the screw nut, because it is the safest so that the baby cannot pull it off. In addition, this way you make sure that the earring does not protrude from behind and could hurt the baby. There are other closures such as plastic or the plastic pressure nut. In all these cases, the nut is more susceptible to being lost. Prevent the earring from sticking out from behind, as the earring can be thin but very sharp and harm the baby.

5. The weight of the earring: If the earring is too heavy, the baby's ear will hurt and the hole will crack. Please note that the material is not heavy.

And above all, think that your daughter is a baby. Look for earrings according to their age. The simpler the better. And don't forget to move or change them from time to time, since the earring accumulates dirt on the back.

If you are not convinced or convinced, let her decide whether or not to get holes in her earlobes.

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