What to do when your children play tag with other children

What to do when your children play tag with other children

When your children play to touch and undress We are talking about a very common behavior and it should not be seen as something bad or morbid. It is natural that children from 4 or 6 years old begin to wonder about the world around them, including of course their body and that of others, they begin to notice the differences between boys and girls and to seek answers to their curiosity. through games of a sexual nature.

The psychologist Mónica Poblador tells us that child masturbation is quite common among boys and girls, thanks to three main reasons:

1- For the simple desire to play. For them it's just fun play with his friends to the doctor.

2- Out of curiosity towards the human body. Exploring your anatomy is very natural, as is seeing the differences between your body and that of others.

3- By imitation, by what they think adults do.

The most important thing of all is to observe the situation from a point of view according to child sexuality and not the sexuality of adults. We have to be clear that during these games there is no intention or procreation or desire, for children it is only a game.

Finding the child in this situation, we should not give too much importance let alone make you feel guilty with scolding, these games will probably disappear with time and replace them with others. What we can tell you is that in certain places it is not appropriate to carry out these types of games, for example in the park or in some other public place.

First of all, we have to make sure that the child plays because they want to and if not, tell them that they have every right to tell their friends that they are not interested in playing like that with them. Likewise, it is recommended that they play with other children of the same age, since they must make sure that they have the same rules and that the game has the same meaning for both, because otherwise it will stop being interesting for them.

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