Mindfulness exercises for nervous children

Mindfulness exercises for nervous children

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Do you know Mindfulness? It is a form of meditation that benefits both children and adults. Children, yes, they can also practice Mindfulness. In fact, it is especially suitable for children who are more nervous or have problems channeling their emotions.

Mindfulness specialist Patricia Díaz-Caneja, he proposes to do with the children two mindfulness exercises for nervous children. It will help them to breathe correctly and calm the nervous system.

These two Mindfulness exercises are very simple, and can be done by children from 3-4 years old. You do not need many things, although it will help you to have on hand a percussion musical instrument (a bell, a triangle or a Tibetan bowl). The aim of both exercises is to make the child aware of his breathing. This will surely help you relax.

1) First exercise: For this first exercise, you need a Tibetan bowl or bell to make it ring.

- First, you tell the child to sit on the floor comfortably.

- Ask the child to put his hands on his belly. You will notice how your belly rises and falls when you breathe.

- You can close your eyes (only if you want)

- Now they should listen to the sound of the Tibetan bell or bowl. When they should hear the last vibration they must raise their hands and open their eyes.

2) Second exercise: In this second exercise you will need tiny stones. You can pick them up from the street. 10 pebbles will suffice.

- Store the stones in a small bag. You take them out of the bag and make a pile.

- If you have a Tibetan bell or bowl, ring it. At that moment, the child must take a stone from the pile, smell it and leave it in another pile.

- The exercise will end when you have finished with all the pebbles from the first pile and have created a second pile. This exercise, although it seems very simple, help them become aware of their breathing.

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