How to carry the baby on your back

How to carry the baby on your back

You only need 45 seconds and a large scarf or scarf. Less than a minute and your baby will be ready to walk skin-to-skin on your back. It's not difficult, you don't need to be very skilled. Porting is not that complex. Of course: practice before going out, especially to check if your baby likes to go on your back. Not all babies seem comfortable in this position. Others prefer the cart.

Have a large scarf or scarf handy, stand up, and follow these three steps. You will see how simple !:

1. Place the baby on your back (you should lean your back and stand at a right angle, looking down).

2. Spread the scarf or scarf over the baby and knot the top ends of the scarf at your chest. Squeeze well, so your baby is safe.

3. Locate the bottom ends of the scarf and pass them under the baby's bottom. In this way, you will be 'sitting' on the handkerchief, with your legs out. Now you tie the handkerchief back in front, at the waist. You are ready to go for a walk!

See how easy it is to carry a baby on your back. And how little time is needed. The baby is comfortable and safe, and most importantly: it feels close to its mother's skin. Contact with his mother makes him feel even more secure. For this reason, carrying has many advantages for the little one: it strengthens the bond with his mother or father, he feels safe and tones his back.

But not all babies seem so comfortable with this type of carrying. My daughter, for example, did not want to be attached to my chest, much less to my back. What he really liked was being carried around in the little chair, lying down at first, sitting later. Maybe because he felt freer. Every baby is their world, so my advice is to try. Because in the end, make no mistake, he will be the one to choose.

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