The super powers of mom's or daddy's lap for baby

The super powers of mom's or daddy's lap for baby

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How many little things do our babies feel, learn or assimilate when they are in the lap of mom or dad, right? It is not surprising that one of the first gestures they learn is to stretch their arms to ask us to pick them up or to put them on our lap. This physical contact is one of your favorites, and it can remain for years in your memory. Until today, when I visit my mother, I love to put my head on her lap and have her massage my head. It is an incomparable pleasure!

Putting the baby on the lap is a very daily act of parents with their babies. In mom and dad's laps, babies learn to eat, play, listen to stories and browse books, to protect themselves, as if the lap were a cave. When I was little, my daughter loved to get on my lap to play songs like Five Little Wolves, wave rocking horse songDo you know them? On my lap, my daughter also learned to stand up, before taking her first steps.

The physical contact between mom and dad with your baby when he is on your lap is very healthy for both of you. The baby spends many months in his mother's womb and the fact of moving now in his mother's lap causes him a sensation very close to the one he had inside the uterus. The lap is both calming and stimulating, and helps regulate emotions, breathing and the senses of babies.

For my daughter, my lap was like her refuge, her comfort. It was where she felt sheltered and welcomed, when she was still a baby. I felt like a kangaroo mom, always close to my kangaroo.

Later, when she learned to walk, my lap was like her salvation in case she fell, or was afraid. With age, the sense of the lap changes and it is good that this happens, because it is normal for children to seek affection in the lap but if this happens too often in older children, they may not be maturing with age.

The lap has no limits or side effects, but the best thing is that be a wish of the child and not a need of the parents.

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