The AEIOU method of educating children

The AEIOU method of educating children

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The education of children is becoming an increasingly complex task at the family and social level. Within the family nucleus there are many fathers and mothers who come from times when the educational trend has been an authoritarian style. Others come from times where the trend is the opposite and where the priority has been the child and his wishes. So where is the balance? The AEIOU method to educate children proposes a way of acting for parents and thus to achieve it.

Many parents today repeat by imitation the style their parents used with them out of the conviction that it works; with them he did. The challenge for parents who use this method is to exercise positive authority over their children so that they grow up happy and confident. The problem is that seeking authority often causes the opposite effect: insecure children, children with low self-esteem, little emotional intelligence, children who make poor decisions and lack of social skills.

This happens because by using this method, the emotional needs of the little ones are being neglected. This implies that adults do not know how to catch up with their children to be able to speak or carry on a conversation whose consequence is that negotiation is put aside and the education of children focuses on the imposition of rules.

The permissive method arises around the 90's and as a contrast to the authoritarian one. In addition, it is also often carried out by parents who are very busy and the feeling of guilt of not being able to spend time with their children overwhelms them and they want to compensate in some way.

It is clear that this method does not achieve good results in relation to the education of children, quite the contrary. Being permissive with children makes children impulsive and intolerant in addition to being capricious, unhappy and tyrannical.

The communicative relationship between parents and children is very important so that the positive education necessary for the proper evolutionary development of children is given and that they learn the necessary skills to move in the world.

The coach Samanta Biosca proposes the AEIOU method to educate children, where the way of acting of parents in front of their children is explained in order to achieve it. Each letter represents a concept that we must apply. In this way:

- A: Learn to listen. This means that parents have to listen to what the child has to say using all the senses. That is, see, hear, feel, etc. Paying attention to non-verbal language is important. In addition, parents must listen to the child without prejudging.

- E: Exemplify. Children learn by imitation so parents have to educate by example.

- I: Get informed. When parents have doubts they have to look for information to find answers. It is important that they always rely on the advice of professionals and know well where to look.

- Or: Sort. Children are to lead an orderly life. To do this, it is important that clear rules and limits are set and adhered to.

- U: Unify. Parents must follow the same methodological line for the education of their children since both are responsible. In addition, they must be consistent with the choice of the school since it must follow the same path so as not to create incongruities

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