10 mistakes when applying sunscreen to children

10 mistakes when applying sunscreen to children

We know that sun protection is very important to protect the delicate skin of children, but in addition to our good intention, we must know how to do it correctly. It sounds simple, but we often forget some basic rules.

Parents we make some mistakes when applying sunscreen to children. Here are some. Pay attention to these tips to do it correctly.

1. Give the child sunscreen just before entering the water. Most of the protective creams are not of immediate action. That is why it is advisable to apply sunscreen to our child half an hour before going out or going to the pool or the beach.

2. Give the sun cream after putting on the swimsuit. We tend to put the swimsuit or clothes on first and then apply the protective cream in the areas that are visible, such as arms, legs and face. But this makes it more difficult to extend it well. The correct thing is to apply the protective cream before dressing the child. In this way we ensure that the skin absorbs the product well.

3. Spread a little protective cream. To ensure that we apply enough protective cream, we must follow these steps: divide the child's body into 11 zones. Zone 1 will be the face. In that area, a finger of sunscreen will suffice. For the rest of the areas, you will need two fingers of product.

4. Start giving protective cream on the legs. The right thing to do is to start at the top and work your way down, as the top is the first to come into contact with the sun.

5. Apply the photoprotective cream spreading it arbitrarily. The protective cream is spread in circles, exerting a gentle massage with the fingers together. In this way it is much easier to spread the cream without product remaining between the fingers.

6. Forget about some sensitive areas. That is to say: the instep of the feet, the ears, the neck, the eyelids, the lips and hands. They are the most forgotten areas when applying the protective cream.

7. Give a small amount of cream to the nose. The nose is the area of ​​the face that burns the most. you need an extra dose of product.

8. Do not apply sunscreen on cloudy days. Despite the clouds, the ultraviolet rays are there and they are just as damaging. Let's not forget to give children sunscreen on cloudy days. 90% of ultraviolet rays pass through clouds.

9. Perfume the children when they go to sunbathe. The perfume can cause allergies with the sun and cause the appearance of spots.

10. Forget about sunscreen as soon as we leave home. We must give sun cream again every two hours. If we are going to spend many hours outdoors, we must repeat the operation to make sure that our child is well protected.

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