7 very hydrating drinks for children

7 very hydrating drinks for children

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Childhood is an ideal stage to generate and consolidate habits about how and with what we hydrate. Maintaining a correct state of hydration is important before the signs of thirst appear, and especially in the spring-summer season or in hot environments (in winter, for example, with too much heating). We tell youwhich drinks are the most hydrating for children.

Considering that 75 percent of a child's body is water and in adults it is 60 percent, we must be aware of the importance of hydrating well, especially in the hottest times. We have to replace fluids so that our body maintains its balance.

In summer much more fluids are lost. Monitor your child's hydration and do not hesitate to offer him drinks even if he does not ask for them. These are the most hydrating:

1. Water (with or without gas)

2. Refreshing drinks without sugar (carbonated or still)

3. Drinks with unsweetened fruit juices (carbonated or still)

4. Milk

5. Gazpacho and consommé

6. Fruit juices

7. Broths

Don't lose sight of these tips to make sure your child is hydrated properly:

  1. Remember that water is always the best option: It is recommended to limit the consumption of sugary drinks and not over sweeten the infusions.
  2. Do not wait for the child to be thirsty: We must not forget to include a bottle with water in the children's bag or backpack so that they can hydrate themselves healthily.
  3. Always put a jug of water on the table: it is important to teach children to prefer water, especially when eating.
  4. As an adult, lead by example.
  5. Prevent dehydration in sports or when the child plays in the park.
  6. To prevent cavities: When eating between meals, it is good to drink water at the end to rinse the mouth and prevent cavities, since the water does not attack the structure of tooth enamel.
  7. Start the day with a glass of water. Adding a glass of water to breakfast is a good practice to start the day well hydrated.
  8. Look at the color of urine: if it is transparent it means that the child is well hydrated.

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