Food to combat heat in babies under 2 years

Food to combat heat in babies under 2 years

If the arrival of high temperatures puts stress on our adult body, it is easy to imagine that children have it even more complicated. However, the population that suffers the most from the arrival of heat are babies, for whom it is terribly stressful.

When the ambient temperature is high, the body requires extra energy to regulate body temperature, trying not to exceed the barrier of normality. For this, we adults resort to hydration (voluntary) and sweating (involuntary). Babies cannot voluntarily hydrate themselves, and their ease of perspiring is very limited, so their temperature is not only more difficult to keep stable but can rise dramatically. We tell you how to manage the diet to combat the heat in 2-year-old babies.

We must always be attentive to any sign of dehydration, such as an increase in temperature, a restless baby or, on the contrary, very lethargic, and / or with agitated breathing, but above all, we must take into account some tips that can make them hot something more bearable. Keep these heat-fighting feeding guidelines in mind for babies under 2 years old:

- Babies under 6 months should not eat other food than breast milk or formula, so water is out of the question. However, to maintain proper hydration, infants need an extra supply of fluids. The recommendations usually suggest approximately 50% more milk, to replace fluids that are lost with sweat and with the increase in temperature. Babies fed on demand with breast milk will be more demanding naturally, and their feedings will be shortened to obtain more hydrating milk, since the milk at the beginning of the feeding contains more water. Formula-fed babies may demand more as well, but if the baby does not demand, it is a good idea to offer their formula more often. Formula milk should never be made with more water, thinking that this will help the baby to hydrate.

- Babies older than 6 months can drink water, always in small amounts. Other fluids such as juices or infusions prepared for babies should be avoided, since they contain too much sugar. Water is the most hydrating and healthy fluid that we can offer our little ones.

- Up to 2 years, and once the baby has started complementary feeding, they can, strategically, Offer food with a high water content to make their hydration more varied. Fruits such as strawberries, melon or watermelon are tremendously refreshing and a very suitable option for pool afternoons. Citrus fruits are also very hydrating, but always keeping in mind that the fruit is much healthier than the juice, even if it is natural.

When children exceed the 2-year-old barrier, the risk of overheating and dehydration decreases, although it is always necessary to offer them tools to combat the heat and get them used to drinking water not only with meals but also between meals.

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