The safety rules you should teach your child

The safety rules you should teach your child

What distresses a parent the most is that something might happen to their child. Your safety, physical and emotional, is above all else. However, we often forget to give our child the tools to defend himself and be clear about some basic safety guidelines.

We offer you a selection of safety rules that you should teach your child from a very young age so that you learn to defend yourself in life.

From what to do when you get lost to how to react if a child is constantly bothering you at school. Teach your child to navigate life more safely. At least you will be able to avoid certain risks and you will be offering your child an indispensable tool for him. Write down the main safety rules that you should teach your child:

1. What to do in case of harassment. Unfortunately. cases of bullying occur at an increasingly early age. From the age of 6, abuse of some children towards others is already detected. Explain to your child what to do if a child repeatedly teases, hits or humiliates them. You must make it clear to him that he should tell it and go to his teacher and his parents for help, and that it is something he should never hide.

2. What to do if the child is lost. Despite being very careful in places with large crowds of people, it takes a second to lose our son from sight. And the minutes that pass until we find him are truly agonizing. First of all, calm down. If your child learned the basic rule, he won't be far behind. You must explain to him that if he gets lost, he must stay still in one place and ultimately, ask an adult for help, preferably mothers with children. Obviously, among the basic rules is teaching our son the address and phone number of the parents.

3. What to do if a person tries to touch you where they shouldn't. You must teach your child to defend themselves against possible pedophiles. The best thing in these cases is to explain from a young age that no one can touch certain places on your body. And if this happens, you should tell your parents or a trusted adult immediately.

4. What to do if a knock at the door and you are alone. A basic rule that many parents forget to remember is not to open or speak to strangers. It seems obvious, but for a child, it is normal to be friendly and trust others. Make it clear that he cannot open the door or answer the phone.

5. How to cross the street. As soon as your child begins to walk, you should start teaching him driver's education. With songs, games ... you will see that he soon assimilates that there are rules to avoid accidents on the street. The first thing you should teach him is to cross the street at the crosswalk, looking both ways before crossing and respecting the traffic lights.

6. How to play in the pool. Children love the pool and the water, but they often have such a good time that they forget basic safety rules. It doesn't hurt to remind them, even if you seem like you've already repeated it a thousand times. Remind them not to dive headfirst into the shallow area, that they should not enter the water without cuffs or float if they are still unsure, that they should apply sunscreen again when they get out of the water ...

7. What to do if you see another child being beaten. When the child is not a victim of bullying but is a spectator, he also has a certain responsibility. Teach your child to help children who are bullied. How? Notifying the teacher and parents of what is happening.

8. How to play on the beach. The beach is an ideal place for children. But it has its dangers and that is why it is essential that you explain to your child basic rules to enjoy without risks. For example, you must remind him that he cannot go far away from the place where you are, or go into the water without asking your permission.

9. How to surf the internet. Our children were born in the digital age. Let's be responsible. If we teach them to walk, eat, read and write ... how come we don't teach them to surf the Internet? The network is not without hundreds of risks. The best thing to do is to explain to your child that until they are old enough, they can only surf the internet with your permission and they must tell you what they watch and what games they play.

10. How to ask for help from home. At the age of five, a child is already able to understand what an emergency number is and when to use it. If at any time he is with you at home and needs to ask for help because you feel unwell, he can do so if you have already explained it to him.

11. What to do if someone you don't know asks you to come. Just as we teach children not to talk to strangers, much less go with someone they do not know. Explain that even if that person tells you that they are friends with their parents, they should never trust them. And of course, you should never enter a car with strangers.

12. How to behave in areas with many people. When you go to a mall, to a concert ... to any place where many people are concentrated. Teach your child that it is precisely in these places that they should not stray from their parents, as they will run the risk of getting lost.

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