Children who are grossed out by food

Children who are grossed out by food

Every time your child feels disgusted by a food, you see the negative part, however disgust is a defense mechanism with a clear function of helping to prevent food from hurting us either because it is in bad condition or because we can choke with her.

The causes for which children feel disgusted by food or a food can be multiple since the act of eating is influenced by all the senses and that greatly conditions the preference for a certain food from when they do not like the smell until have had a bad experience eating it. In the end, for one reason or another, lunch or dinner worries parents because the house becomes a daily battle to get your child to have a balanced diet. For this reason, from Guiainfantil we propose you some simple keys to make food stop being a problem and be the enemy.

- Define your priorities: Is it more important that he eats what you send him or that he is well fed? When a child is very picky about food, they eventually stop going on excursions or camps and the conversations always end up on the same topic. Therefore, perhaps it is convenient that you analyze if the problem is oversized. It is very difficult for us to like all foods, we will always have our preferences, the real problem comes when your child eats few foods and they are all from the same food group. But if that is not the case and even if you do not like lettuce, eat other vegetables, perhaps it is not so important that you do not eat it while you are well fed.

- Look for alternatives from the same food group. It is important that you ask yourself, is that food really that important? Can't you alternate with other types of food that provide similar nutrients? There are times when we reject some foods and yet there are others that attract us rather because of their texture, the way they are cooked or simply because of their texture. When children feel disgusted by food or a certain food it is not always because they do not like its taste, sometimes it is simply because they had a tense moment with you and they relive that moment every time you cook it. Therefore, if a food has not been able to hook it, we can try other different ones from the same food group and thus we will have a new opportunity to accept it. Or even if you know why he doesn't like it, you can try to camouflage it. For example, if it is the color you can accompany it with other foods with more cheerful colors or if it is its flavor you can use other sauces.

- Patience and positive attitude. The more worried or nervous you are, the worse. Under no circumstances do you force or punish him with it, because you will only make him end up hating the moment of lunch, get more nervous and end up more frustrated. Your attitude and that taken by the rest of the family will affect your child and he may even have an eating disorder in the long term. So the best thing is that you try to be calm and with each small advance you can praise him.

- Make food fun and attractive. Sometimes, we associate a food with an unpleasant moment or that has caused us discomfort (either because it was in bad condition or because the times it has tried it, it has not liked it or even because we have eaten too much and we have become full). The skin is not the only one that has memory, the experiences with food also mark us for life, so it is best to go little by little getting it to associate it with other more positive experiences. Maybe if you put a cauliflower on it, it will not eat it, but if it has something to accompany it that if you like it or make faces or it is in your favorite dish or pureed you will achieve your goal. Sometimes it is interesting to be able to negotiate with him and for those new flavors that he does not like to try little by little, but negotiating is not pressing.

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