When sex after motherhood is hard

When sex after motherhood is hard

Sex after motherhood, this is a topic little discussed among mothers, and it was not until I spoke with a close friend and told her what was happening, when I realized that this topic was something similar to hemorrhoids after childbirth: suffered in silence.

Well, yes, in the XXI century there is still a certain modesty to tell what is something natural and totally understandable: after motherhood, sexual relations suffer.

It is not for life, it simply responds to natural reasons where our body needs to recover, and our mind is now busy with other much more laborious tasks, such as raising the baby.

After consulting with my gynecologist, I was much calmer when verifying that I was not the one who shunned sexual encounters, but that up to 89% of women suffer from this problem during the first 3 months after delivery, and 51% After 12 months!

The reasons why sex after motherhood is difficult are obvious; the uterus needs to return to its normal shape; the vagina is distended, which decreases sexual pleasure for both, but is resolved with Kegel exercises; Not counting the discomfort of the episiotomy, here the lubricating cream is essential; breastfeeding makes prolactin rise and estrogens fall, and therefore desire; and it is not advisable to have sex during quarantine to prevent infections.

But there are also other issues to be solved: now we have a baby that we must constantly attend to, who does not let us sleep or rest, much less gives us a little time for privacy. Tiredness overcomes us every night and in those circumstances it is very difficult to think of anything other than sleep when we get to bed.

My cousin, who is a psychologist, has another very curious theory that responds to anthropological reasons, which in my opinion is not far-fetched. She says that, like other living beings, our existence is based on the perpetuation of the species, therefore, in the case of humans, we are born totally unprotected without the help of our parents, This care is essential for the individual to succeed.

Thus, since our first ancestors, the main thing is to take care of a single baby with the help of the father, since this increases the chances of survival, so becoming pregnant again would be dangerous for the survival of children, hence the body and mind cooperate to lower the libido of the woman.

It is clear that this is not a scientific study, but an opinion, which in my opinion makes a lot of sense and that without a doubt coincides with the feelings of the majority of mothers in the world.

Still, do not despair, even if you think that your stage of fatal woman is over, it is not like that, yesYou just have to wait a little time for the body to recover, return to your routines, and above all, communicate with your partner, since affection is the basis of eroticism.

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