Clown songs for children

Clown songs for children

The clowns, formed by Gabi, Fofito and Miliki, popularized many songs that became a classic among children. Children's songs that have passed from generation to generation making thousands and thousands of children dance. offers you the lyrics of the most popular circus songs of clowns, so that you too can sing them with your children.

Clown songs are great for boosting a child's sense of rhythm, memory, and numerous motor skills. They are also very funny songs and some are didactic. Have fun with your kids with the same songs that you danced yourself When you were young. Daddy's car, Susanita has a mouse ... What do they all sound like?

How my nose itches. How my nose itches is a popular song by the clowns, made up of Gabi, Fofito and Miliki. Here are the lyrics of this fun song to sing with children.

From Cachibú de Cachivaca. Lyrics and song of Cachibú de Cachivaca, a song made very popular by clowns for children. Learn this fun song and sing it with your children.

Hello Don Pepito Hello Don Jose. Video of the song Hello Don Pepito, hello Don José. The lyrics of the song 'hello Don Pepito, hello Don José', one of the children's favorites. Learn to sing it with your children.

Daddy's car. Lyrics of the song En el car de papa. A traditional children's song to dedicate to parents. Songs for traveling in the car. Sing as a family. Children's songs.

My beard has three hairs. My beard has three hairs is a funny song by the Clowns to sing and dance with the children. We offer you the lyrics and music of this song.

Give Ramón. Lyrics of the song 'Dale Ramón', d elos clowns. Children's song entitled 'Dale Ramón' to sing with children. Songs of the clowns Gabi, Fofito and Miliki.

The hen Turuleca. La hen Turuleca is an ideal clown song for children. Here you will find the lyrics and the song with its music so you can sing and dance with your child.

Make a happy face. Put your happy face on is a clown song full of values. Don't miss the lyrics and song of this fantastic song sung by Miliki.

Susanita has a mouse. Lyrics of the song Susanita has a mouse. Sing and dance with our beloved pet, Traposo bear, the song Susanita has a reason. A classic song that you surely sang when you were a child and that today you can sing to your children.

Happy in your day. Lyrics and song from Feliz en tu día, a clown song widely used on children's birthdays. Learn the lyrics to sing with your child Happy on your birthday.

The penguin dance. Lyrics and song of the Penguin Dance, a very popular song of the Clowns on TV. Dance to this fun children's song about the clowns on TV with your children.

Hiccup Pompous. Here you have the lyrics and the song Hipo Pomposo, a song by the clowns (Fofito, Miliki and Gabi). Sing and dance with your child to this funny clown song.

Felipito the sleepyhead. Felipito el sleeper is a song of the clowns (Fodito, Gabi and Miliki). Here you will find the lyrics and the song of Felipito el dormilón so that you can sing it with your children.

Ay, Don Cosme. Ay, Don Cosme is a clown song for children. We offer you the lyrics of this fun and well-known song of the clowns on TV.

The fruit family. Lyrics and song of the fruit family. Song of the clowns for children. Teach the little ones with this fun song the names of some fruits.

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