The boy and tell us. Story in verse for children

The boy and tell us. Story in verse for children

The boy and the tell us is an original story by Antonio de Benito that tells the story of a boy who could not read and lived in the world of dinos.

A story in verse for children that encourages the habit of reading from childhood. An original story written in the form of a poem to stimulate children to become fond of reading.

A long time ago, there lived in the world of dinosaurs a child who could not read.

So he spent the whole day not knowing what to do.

Tricedora encouraged him, told him every hour:

- The b with the e, beeeee.

And the child put on an old face

and became a sheep.

"The b with the e, beeeee," he said again.

In his school there were no stories,

nor at home did they read him stories.

And the boy was not happy,

he yawned and fell asleep every moment.

Hector, the Velocilector told him:

- The mmm with the u muuu.

And the boy, sitting in his hammock,

he made a cow face,

and again again,

could not learn.

And so, as you can understand,

Hector and Tricedora,

They tried to help the child who could not read.

An afternoon like this

the boy discovered a book in a basket.

It was not a story or a diary,

it was a collection of poems,

a book of poems

with which all his problems left.

A book of poems by the best writers:

Federico García Lorca,

who was born in Granada and not in Mallorca

Gloria Fuertes,


Antonio Machado,

Sevillian and half Soria writer;

Pablo Neruda

and her delicate pen ...

The boy recited a poem

and he was glad every day.

And since then,

the boy became a dino.

When Hector and Tricedora saw him in the library, they called him

and the world of humans today has arrived.

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