Trompe l'oeil recipes for the whole family

Trompe l'oeil recipes for the whole family

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Do you know what a trompe l'oeil recipe is? It is a dish that tries to surprise the diner, the dish seems like one thing, but in reality ... it's another!

On our site we find it a very fun way to bring children closer to creative, original and different cuisine. A way to stimulate your palate and surprise your senses. These recipes in the key of gastronomic trompe l'oeil they are also ... to suck your fingers!

These prescriptions seem one thing, but in reality they are another. So let's play guess ... what do you think these trompe l'oeil plates carry?

Eggs or sponge cake? Open cadabra, crowfoot ... they look like chicken eggs, but in reality they are chocolate cake eggs A culinary trompe l'oeil recipe for Easter that you are going to love. Take note of how to make these original Easter eggs.

Nuggets or French toast ?. How delicious these Homemade Chicken Nuggets look! What if we tell you they are not Nuggets? Surprise! It's actually fried milk, and it's one of the trompe l'oeil recipes that we present to you on site. A very original recipe to surprise all the members of your family at Easter.

Torrija or tapa? What is a trompe l'oeil in the kitchen? It is a visual effect. The objective is to surprise the diner, because he sees one thing but tastes another. Like our toasts of bread with tomato and serrano ham; quail egg, and goat roll; which are actually ... French toast! This is how you make a torrija tapa.

Orange wedges or gelatin? Orange wedges with gelatin. A fun, nutritious and healthy recipe for dessert, snack or children's birthday party. our site proposes a very original way to serve gelatin to children.

Planters with roses or cupcakes? We teach you how to make a very original recipe: it's about planters with cupcakes of roses and strawberries. A trompe l'oeil recipe to surprise mom on Mother's Day

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