A decalogue against the loneliness of children

A decalogue against the loneliness of children

Children are increasingly lonely. They come from school and have no one to talk to, share a snack, and some even have dinner alone. Well, this has aroused the interest of some organizations that warn of the serious problems that parents' schedules cause to children. The objective is to combat the loneliness of children and the lack of a reference in the home, motivated by the absence of parents for work or other reasons, with a decalogue that tries to fight against the damage that such situation exerts on children.

This decalogue agrees that productive models and lifestyle habits must be changed. It's not about working longer hours, but about managing your time at work better. There is no question that a happy worker is a more productive worker.

For that to be possible, the Decalogue for the Rationalization of Hours For the conciliation of family and work life, it demands that administrations, as well as companies and unions, and families that, in order to avoid the loneliness of children, watch out for:

1. Grant more aid to families.

2. Agree on measures within the framework of collective agreements to ensure that maternity is not an obstacle for working women.

3. Ask that work hours are made more flexible depending on individual needs.

4. Encourage equal participation between men and women in family life.

5. Ensure the presence of at least one of the parents in the times not covered by school hours, at home.

6. Claim that the school days are based on the biorhythms and the ages of the children.

7. Give priority to the best interests of the minor over any measure that may increase the hours children and parents spend together.

Looking at all this from the outside, it seems like a utopia, the eternal dream of many families who do not want to overload their grandparents, who do not want their children to have excessive extracurricular activities, who would like to be involved in their school education, and who suffer from having to leave their children alone at home, in front of a television, or a computer, all afternoon, without any control. Hopefully that becomes reality. Only in this way can violence in childhood, learning disabilities, childhood obesity, and school failure be prevented from growing.

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