Homemade dessert recipes for children

Homemade dessert recipes for children

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Dessert is the best finish for children's lunch or dinner. For this reason, we have compiled the recipes for the healthiest and most delicious desserts, so that the children leave the table happy.

Desserts can be just as or healthier than meals. They have an important place in a good diet, although in many homes they seem dispensable. Desserts, that is, sweets, at the end of the meal, increase energy, promote good humor, and make our body stay more and better satisfied.

We have selected the healthiest and most favorite homemade recipes for children. In addition, they are recipes based on gelatin, cakes, ice cream, with fruits, chocolate and other ingredients. Easy recipes to make, many without an oven, and that will make the children's eyes shine. Follow our selection of recipes and choose the dessert that you like the most.

Fruit banners with yogurt. Invite the children to eat fruits at all times of the year, with this recipe for fruit banners with yogurt. On this occasion, our site has bet on strawberries, kiwis, bananas and grapes, but you can make with the fruits that your children like the most. A healthy and simple dessert or snack.

Banana custard. Banana custard recipe for children. Easy recipes for children's breakfast, dessert or snack. our site offers quick and easy healthy and nutritious recipes for families. How to make banana custard.

Coconut balls. Coconut balls recipe for dessert or family parties. our site offers us a sweet recipe, ideal for children's birthdays. An easy, simple, fast and inexpensive recipe. Coconut is a diuretic food and a great ally of the digestive system. It is nutritious and energetic.

Creamy chocolate mousse. Recipe for chocolate mousse, a classic dessert that, due to its creaminess, is one of children's favorites. Here is a very simple recipe to prepare as a family. Easy chocolate mousse recipe.

Apple pie. How to make, step by step, an apple pie or apple pie. our site offers us an American recipe to celebrate children's birthday parties, thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) or any other family party. An easy, simple and very quick recipe to make.

Rice pudding. Rice pudding recipe for children. This rice pudding will transport you to your childhood, do not miss the opportunity to share this traditional dessert with your children.

Strawberry and cherry smoothie. Strawberry and cherry smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants, both for children and pregnant women. We explain how to make this refreshing and creamy smoothie.

Assorted ice creams for children. When the first hot days begin to arrive, the children are encouraged and we begin to prepare activities outside the home. In order not to neglect the children's snack, we suggest that you prepare some homemade ice cream recipes. We teach you how to prepare delicious ice cream easily and quickly.

Passion fruit or passion fruit mousse. Simple dessert recipe for when you don't feel like cooking: passion fruit or passion fruit mousse. Brazilian dessert recipe. our site offers you a step by step recipe for an easy, quick and very refreshing family dessert. A smooth and very creamy recipe.

Crepes with cheese and banana. At GuiaInfantil we suggest you cook some tasty crepes and add Mascarpone cheese, a delicious Italian fresh cheese, and banana. This way you will combine the pleasure of the sweet with the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit.

Red fruit jelly. We show you how to make a red fruit jelly with cream. It is a delicious and very light recipe, ideal for keeping children hydrated and making sure they are consuming natural fruit and vitamins. Do you want to learn how to make this recipe? We give you a step by step recipe for red fruit gelatin with cream.

Panacota with fruit sauce. The panacota is one of the best known Italian desserts. It is versatile, exquisite, and children tend to like it a lot. Add to this strawberries, one of the children's favorite fruits, we have a fantastic mix that they are sure to love.

Homemade egg flan. The best choice for desserts are grandma's traditional sweets, like this homemade egg custard, a recipe with a lot of calcium for children and pregnant women. An exquisite, easy and very quick dessert to make at home to sweeten the day with the children and the whole family.

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