Why do children pee

Why do children pee

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At what age do children stop peeing? It is considered that at five years a child should not wet the bed. Leaving time to see if the child begins to control his bladder is a mistake.

This is the most important conclusion reached by the Dr. Juan Carlos Ruíz de la Roja, specialist in Urology and Director of the Madrileño Urological Institute, in his book ¿Why do children wet the bed? Although most people think that continuing to wet the bed is a psychological problem in children, in most cases it is based on a medical problem and it is vitally important to consult a specialist.

But, from when should we take the child to the specialist? There are several requirements that a child must meet to be considered as having enuresis. The first to have turned five and continue to pee at night during sleep or nap. Pee leakage must occur between 2 and 4 days over the course of a month and repeated regularly for at least 3 months.

We have always known that urine leaks have resolved spontaneously over the years and, for this reason, the problem has generally been left to be. However, the number of children who wet the bed is very high, around 15 percent in boys who have reached 5 years and 10 percent in girls.

This percentage of children generally miss out on interesting activities for their socialization and development such as camping trips, sleeping at a friend's house, ... and for them sleeping can start to become a real drama.

The medical solution is easy, a few simple tests and urine analysis can confirm the cause of the child's enuresis and it is not necessary to make a drama the problem. The fact that parents know the guidelines for removing the diaper is the first step so that urine control occurs in the correct way, and if your child continues to pee, do not hesitate, take him to the doctor.

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