6 reasons for children to eat fruit every day

6 reasons for children to eat fruit every day

Following the recommendations to limit the consumption of sugar in childhood, and seeing how many recommendations suggest that fruit should also be avoided, we are going to list the benefits that it has and what are the options to choose on a regular basis, and what are they better to consume only in small quantities.

1- The fruit contains vitamins, especially water-soluble since their fat content, except for some fruits such as coconut or avocado, is minimal. Two large groups can be made, fruits rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, strawberries or kiwi, and those rich in vitamin A, such as peach or apricot. It also contains minerals, mainly calcium and potassium, and magnesium or iron, important for growth. Banana is especially rich in potassium and magnesium, which, in addition to bones, is essential for the functioning of the muscles, so that they develop and function normally.

2- The fruit also contains fiber, although a large amount of it is located on the skin. The fruit skin can, however, have traces of chemicals that have been used during its cultivation, fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides, so it should be avoided.

3- The sugars in fruits are small sugars, mainly fructose, although also sucrose and glucose, easily and quickly absorbed, but provide immediate energy, so they are very useful to recover after physical exercise, such as a football game or a ballet class. The sugar content of the fruit varies between approximately 5% that can be found in fruits rich in water, such as watermelon, melon or strawberries, to 20% that can be found in bananas, with a lower water content.

4- The fat in fruits in general is healthy fat, although minimal. Avocado, however, contains slightly more than 15% fat, monounsaturated in the form of oleic acid, but coconut, whose fat percentage far exceeds 50%, contains mainly saturated fat in the form of palmitic acid.

5- In most cases, fruits have a very high water content, reaching 90% that watermelon can contain, for example, which makes them an ideal way to hydrate our children especially when it is hotter, in summer and in the pool.

6- Depending on the color of the fruit, its phytonutrients will have different properties, but all of them beneficial for health, and for our little ones.

Fruit is not only sugar, it is much more, and it is better to judge it as such, as a whole, since it contains an infinite number of beneficial properties that change the general perspective, evidencing its benefit compared to its sugar content.

It is advisable to limit the consumption of those with a high sugar content, such as bananas, figs or grapes, and coconut, due to their saturated fat content. For the rest, fruits can not only be part of the diet of our children, but must be part of it.

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