What is autism in children and what is its origin

What is autism in children and what is its origin

Autism is not a disease. Autism is a disorder and mainly affects children's communication, behavior and social relationships. Thanks to the psychologist Laura Hijosa, an expert in autism and advises parents on the Autism Federation Madrid, we know this disorder better.

Autism spectrum disorders are neurobiological disorders, which are characterized by manifesting signs in three core areas:

- The area of ​​communication.

- The area of ​​conduct.

- The area of ​​social relations.

These feature are common to all people with autism, but since we are talking about a spectrum, that means that each of the people with autism will evolve in each of these areas differently. That is why it is said that no one person with autism is the same as another, but each of them is different from another.

Still the clear origin of autism is not known. In the latest research, the origin points to a large genetic load, but it is not yet known which gene or which genetic mutation is the origin of autism.

A child is born with autism. What happens is that the signs of autism do not manifest themselves until later, perhaps until 10, 12, 18 months, these characteristics do not manifest themselves. Perhaps in a person with Asperger's, we find adults who are not diagnosed with autism until they are fifty years old because until that moment it has not been possible to put that name to their particularity.

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