Physical exercises for the baby from the first year

Physical exercises for the baby from the first year

Movement should be part of the daily activity of our little one, physical exercise is fun and it is also the best way to develop their motor skills and put at their disposal the knowledge of the functioning and structure of their own body. With just one or two years old, we must invite them to move, although with some children, we rather want them to stop moving for a while.

During childhood important motor achievements are acquired: crawling, walking, running, going up and down stairs, dressing... all these achievements are very important for the integral development of the child, to achieve autonomy and to lay the foundations for later skills. Therefore, we advise you some simple and fun activities to promote motor development and physical exercise. They will surely fall exhausted! Some of them are collected from the suggested proposals in the book "Super healthy monsters" by Dr. Valentín Fuster.

- Music: You can take advantage of the preparation of dinner to put music to your little dancers. It is not about doing a perfect choreography, but about dancing freely, without shame or fear of ridicule. Singing and dancing is a great way to shake off boredom and release tension, as well as to promote balance and coordination.

- Balance: Balance is very important to be able to perform countless movements and sports, for this reason, we suggest you draw a line with adhesive tape on the ground to later carry out tours or exercises. They will be able to jump it from one side to another like a rope, they will be able to follow it with a pillow on their head or to travel it more or less quickly.

- Balloons: Some movements, such as catching a ball in the air, are very difficult for preschoolers. To teach them this skill, we can inflate some balloons that when descending slowly, give the child time to try to catch them with their little hands.

- Statue game: We can make a game like the 'musical chair' simply by hitting a can or with a song that we can interrupt. They must obey the orders to stop or stop and start (resume action). While the stop lasts, they must try to remain immobile (at least, for a few seconds), without a doubt, they will have a great time.

- Dance or walk in different rhythms, trying to make the child aware of music and speed.

- Body parts: Point out parts and touch parts of the body, to learn about their anatomy. Ask him to name us, point to and locate on his body head, back, feet, etc. Touching your feet with your hands, turning your torso, rolling your arms, jumping, etc.

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